Shifting the Mindset on Movement

So often we move our bodies to change the way we look. We force ourselves to do exercises that we hate, make ourselves physically ill from doing too much or going too hard. We come from a place that movement is something we *have* to do rather than *get* to do. This mindset on movement is what has made “exercise” a negative thing. When in reality, exercise (or movement) is a form of self care when it comes from a place of love.

When we move our bodies from this place, this place of love, we learn what our bodies enjoy doing. We learn what lights our soul up. We enjoy movement, we see it as a gift rather than a punishment. We become grateful for the movement, the way it makes us feel instead of look. It’s this simple shift from have to do, to get to do, that unlocks our mindset and allows us to find the joy in movement.

This joy can be quickly lost when we force ourselves to move in a way that does not serve us, when we do not allow our bodies to rest, and when we focus on weight rather than the gift of self care we just gave ourselves.

Movement can take many forms; it is weight lifting, dancing, running, swimming, jumping rope, rock climbing, yoga, walks. It is anything where you simply move your body. Pick something that brings a smile to your face, that you enjoyed doing as a child, that interests you or seems fun to try. Give it a go and then ask yourself how that made you feel once you are done. Are you happy? Are you proud of yourself for completing it even if it was difficult? Or are you dreading doing that again? Whatever your answer is you will know where to go from there, and if needed, try something else.

Movement shouldn’t be a punishment for over eating, sitting too long, or enjoying a treat. Movement is medicine for our souls, our bodies, our minds. Through movement we can literally change our energies, we can move emotions through our bodies. Movement is healing, movement is powerful, movement is sacred, and it should be treated as such.

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