Thin, Young, and Beautiful

I have a very vivid memory from my childhood that involves my mother, my sister, and I. We were in a dressing room and my mother was trying on clothes. Because my sister and I could not be trusted to be alone in the store we sat in the room with her. As she tried…

Shifting the Mindset on Movement

This mindset on movement is what has made “exercise” a negative thing. When in reality, exercise (or movement) is a form of self care when it comes from a place of love.

Summer of 2006

So what happened during that summer? I was 17, I was depressed, I was drinking, and I was looking for acceptance. This is the summer I truly lost all the innocence that I had left.

Master of Self Hate Learns to Love

Pills, too easy. Gun, too messy. Starving myself, perfect! I wanted to FEEL, even if this meant being in pain. I didn’t care how long or slow the process was, in fact, the longer and slower the better. I was punishing myself for things out of my control, but this, THIS was in my control,…

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