Understanding Your Relationship with Food

Do you know what your relationship to food is like? Is it positive? Negative? Somewhere in between? 

By answering these 5 questions *honestly* you will discover what your relationship is like! Your results may even surprise you! 

Question One: Why am I drawn to this food? 

Question Two: What does food give me? 

Question Three: When I think about eating how do I feel, what emotions come up? 

Question Four: How do I feel when I eat? 

Question Five: Why do I choose to eat what I do? 

Once you have answered these questions, sit back and reflect on them. Dive deeper into them. If you feel angry when you eat, why, what is causing that anger? Is it the food choice? If you eat something because you like the taste of it, what is it about the taste that you like? Is it sweet, salty, or savory?

Being aware of our relationship with food not only gives you a sense of power but also relieve. Food doesn’t need to control you, but you also don’t need to control it. Let food work in your favor and accept it for what it is, fuel for our bodies and souls! 

Photo by ready made on Pexels.com

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